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Crossfit Mayhem

Branding & Website
Personal Project / Art Institute

The vision was to create an identity that can represent the true essence of CrossFit and standing out against the competing gyms around the US. CrossFit has an undeniable foundation in its community by unifying those within the gym, creating an identity that would allow Mayhem to do just that by unifying its entire presence was key. Being a well-known establishment within the community provides its own set of challenges when you're trying to refresh its identity. It's already a thriving a company, representing some of the top CrossFit athletes in the world - you risk devaluing it or disconnecting from the clientele. The new identity is meant to meet those challenges head on, by connecting the overall identity outside from its previous standalone logo. 


The biggest improvement in this rebrand was the updated website layout. It's easier for users to navigate and find what they're looking for as opposed to the original, which can be found here. It provides a more engaging and interactive experience allowing users to toggle through the various keys to success, scheduling assessment sessions for new customers, exploring coaches backgrounds, and even shopping for the latest gear in CrossFit.