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Learning Digital Design Practices

My background in design is mainly rooted in print; from branding, packaging, advertisements, brochures, and various collateral. I can't recall a time in my curriculum where I was tasked with creating web layouts or responsive websites. I had one course that had us redesign an already established website, to bring it more up-to-date and user-friendly - mainly focusing on front-end development. Anything outside that realm beyond your basic coding of HTML/CSS was to benefit myself and a new found passion for digital work. I'll always love branding and working with branded content, but exploring user experience and user interface design is one specialization I would love to have under my belt.

I've been told that having a solid understanding of design principles helps translate well into digital experiences - one reason I'm glad I took the traditional graphic design curriculum as opposed to focusing on web design alone. There are, of course, areas of digital design that one doesn't learn through that same traditional course work. Certain areas you need to watch out for and consider when designing for various screens. I'm excited to start really diving in deep to learn and adapt those practices in my free time. I've been exploring Sketch and InVision in the last 6 months and most recently InVision Studio, hoping to acquaint myself with them more. Another area I'm very interested in learning and adapting in my designs are animations/transitions. All in all, never stop learning. 

Kate Watters