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Savannah International

Trade & Convention Center

Logo Development
Freelance Project / Agency: Clark Creative
Role: Designer

Clark Creative came to me to assist in the logo redesign for SITCC. Drawing visual inspiration from the striking architecture of the building, we used notable lines and shapes together in a way that created a memorable logo mark. We focused on key words such as geometric, modern, architectural, and inviting to reinvigorate the brand and allow it to speak across multiple applications.

Sketches_01_SITCC copy.jpg
Sketches_02_SITCC copy.jpg

Here are a few of the sketches I started out with to generate ideas. I spent most of the time focusing on the architecture and isolating certain areas that stood out and allowed for a unique expression.


Here are some refined choices from the sketches, none of which were used but helped by combining certain elements that landed on the final result. From use in overlapping elements and combining isolated areas of the architecture, we found a balance and sense of unity in the shapes.