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Turner Broadcasting

Corporate Advertisements & Front-End Development
Role: Designer

Reimagine Techwood was a campaign that showcased the various changes taking place on Turner's Techwood campus during 2017. With all of the construction taking place and rerouting walkways around campus, it was a way to allow everyone to see what was going on and when to expect the construction to begin and end. Working on a tight deadline, I was able to create an interactive webpage to allow employees an insight into those changes within a few days. It was my first experience into front-end development and coding from scratch, and allowed me to explore new design practices that have further improved over the months.

I also had the privilege to redesign Turner's internal webpages to fit with the new brand guidelines. It consisted of creating banner images and a more organized approach to necessary information.


Some of many corporate ad designs I worked on, maintaining Turner’s brand guidelines. These appeared in various publications.